Friday, May 8, 2009

The World of an Independent Genius

to all independents out there doing your own thing cuz someone kicked you out of an office and said that you were too old, too flavorful, too hip, not hip enough, too smart, too short, not short enough, you got a big mouth, why don't you speak when i talk to you, you eat too much, you don't eat enough..the planet needs you, like they need all of us that never fit in the corporate world...its not enough that we spent all of our youth learning what we know now. its not enough that time flew by without a whisper or a date, can you imagine ging on a date with time. i have learned more from the mouths of children, heard more from the lips of the new president, listened more to the blog community, than most people have in ten years, all in one day. the day won't wait on me or you, just like time wouldn't wait to have a date..neither did they share in the corporate court rooms that we would all be ousted by a blog block, a blog walk, or a blog talk, and who told us that we would all need a personal publicist, to advertise for me, you and yup, yup, the children..are we too young to know better, or too old to want to find in any way you know how, in an ageless, timeless and so called sexless world. this is the future, we all orb with the planets, we all orb with life whether we want to or not....the orb is daily living, the orb is finding love where it most likely resides in the genius of the human heart.